We provide smart methods and tools to realize your ambition


Establish how good your journey really is

Our unique journey analysis method, provides you with an objective scoring and detailed insights on the quality of your customer journey based on real initial and repeat purchases.


We benchmark your results with selected competitors and international category leaders to give you an outside-in expert view on your journey competitiveness.

Address, valuate, and prioritize improvements

Based on the analysis insights, we address the key journey improvement points and together we translate them into concrete ideas.

We validate the improvement ideas based on their customer value potential and impact on your organization and use our Journey Improvement Matrix to prioritize them.

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Measure and manage performance progress 

To manage the impact of journey improvements on an overall and individual customer level we created a unique customer value dashboard*. 


Our dashboard provides 5 Customer Value Indicators, a compact set of management KPI’s, and a drill-down on customer level, that enables the design and validation of individual interaction business rules.  

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Design advanced personalized journeys

We use the structure of our journey analysis model and its 2.000+ checkpoints to design customer-centric journeys with you.

We provide an innovative hands-on development method to create journey interaction functionalities that can be activated based on business rules

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Rethink your potential from a customer perspective

Our continuous analysis of marketing and technology trends, and monitoring of the developments in 8 product categories, gives us a clear view of today's status and future customer journey trends.

Based on these insights we have build a pressure-cooker method for strategic innovation. We use it to create groundbreaking business innovation scenarios together with the key players in your organization.

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