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Insights in the quality and naturality of your conversation 

The Conversational Benchmark

We've analyzed over 150 conversations (chatbots, voice skills, etc.). We can help you with the quality of your conversation and give you the inspiration to improve it. 
We offer three distinctive personalized products and a subscription-based plan.
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Conversations are becoming the core of the customer journey

In the digital age, the essence of retail is building valuable relations with individual customers.

Our unique journey benchmark method provides companies with objective scoring and detailed insights into the quality of their customer journey based on real initial and repeat purchases. We benchmark these results and give companies an outside-in expert view on their journey competitiveness on over 2000 checkpoints.

Through analyzing an extensive number of journeys we have seen that leading players are so successful due to their ability to have a conversation with their customers.

In 2021 we published, in collaboration with Achmea, Currence and, the Intelligence Customer Interaction report.

This research document explains how fundamental Voice and Conversational are, the impact they have and the opportunities they offer.

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Voice and AI are accelerators

Therefore, live chat, chatbots, and virtual assistants are getting increasingly important in the customer journey and we already see sites getting conversational entirely!

But what is a good conversation?

And how do you embed it naturally into your customer journey?

When does it really add value to the customer experience?

Three core conversational aspects

Based on how well the dialogue is able to have a natural conversation with the user and how the dialogue is offered during the customer journey, a scoring model was developed with 50+ scoring points based on three aspects: Practicality, Sensibility, and Personality.

Practicality focuses on how useful the dialogue is.

Personality assesses how human-like the conversation feels and if the brand/product is reflected in the dialogue.

Sensibility is the bridge between Practicality and Personality, how well does the conversational entity understand the customer?
A dialogue that is able to fully understand and respond to every customer question becomes highly practical and can easily reflect his own personality back to the customer.

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Analyzing dialogues to prepare for the future

Because there was no adequate model to get the answers to these questions we took the Turing method, analyzed hundreds of chatbots, and used our journey expertise to develop our own analysis model. With the Conversational Benchmark, we analyze and rank conversational applications and provide you with a score on 3 dimensions; Practicality, Sensibility, and Personality.

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Combining the aspects gives a conversational performance benchmark

In our conversational benchmark model, we can see the scores individually on the three aspects and we can combine the scores to get an overall score of the dialogue. This gives us in-depth insights into how dialogues perform compared to each other and where opportunities lie to develop and enhance dialogues.

Interested in your position?

We offer three distinctive personalized products and a subscription-based plan.
For info and benefits, see our products and click on them for the details!

Your Ranking

Your Ranking

Your Ranking
in Your Journey


Your position on the conversational benchmark

Your practicality score & position ⓘ

Your personality score & position ⓘ

Your sensibility score & position ⓘ

Score Explanation

Explanation of your scoring on practicality, sensibility, and personality

In-depth insights on your practicality, sensibility, and personality score


Selection of best practice examples on practicality, sensibility, and personality



Dialogue flow

Our findings on your dialogue flow


Detailed explanation

Detailed insight on our findings of the integration of your dialogue in the overall journey + inspiration


Report with insights and inspiration

10 page

20 page

30 page


Virtual expert presentation & insight session

1 hour

1.5 hour

Super Bundle


  • Yearly ranking

  • Bi-annual scoring refresh

  • 2 exclusive expert insights & inspiration sessions

  • Access to rankings

  • Monthly insights update

  • Monthly inspirational examples

  • Quarterly interactive trend webinar 

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