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Super Bundle

Our Super Bundle is an annual subscription model which gives you permanent access to all conversational scores. We aim to add two new rankings to the model every week and additionally refresh the current scores.


Every six months you will receive an updated 40-page report based on your conversation with the following: The model will be explained and highlighted through best practices. Your position on the conservational benchmark and your score and position regarding practicality, sensibility, and personality will be researched, shown, and explained in detail. We will also look at your dialogue flow and add our findings. We will look into the integration of your conversation in your customer journey. We will highlight every report with a 1.5-hour presentation.

Additionally, we will send you a monthly newsletter with the best insights we’ve seen in the past month. You can also participate in the quarterly trend webinar.

Super Bundle

Super Bundle


  • Yearly ranking

  • Bi-annual scoring refresh

  • 2 exclusive expert insights & inspiration sessions

  • Access to rankings

  • Monthly insights update

  • Monthly inspirational examples

  • Quarterly interactive trend webinar 

 After filling in the form we will contact you to discuss the next steps.

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