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How Würth improved their customer experience 4,6 times faster than their competitors


The Würth Group is the world market leader in its core business: the sale of assembly and fastening materials.

The challenge

Würth was interested in their journey experience quality compared to their B2B competitors. The Journey Benchmark provided Würth with multiple improvement points to tackle in the upcoming months.

What we delivered

To begin the Journey Benchmark, we conducted a thorough market scan of the Dutch assembly and fastening materials market, identifying all relevant players. Using this information, we selected the most interesting competitors to include in the analysis.

During the Journey Benchmark, we analyzed the customer journeys of three direct competitors, as well as several cross-category and international competitors to provide additional inspiration. We examined all available purchase channels, including in-store, app, and desktop website, for both Würth and its competitors. We then indexed their omnichannel scores to provide a comprehensive overview.

Würth received a detailed report highlighting key insights and improvement points for their customer journey. These results were presented to a broad team at Würth, along with cross-category examples to inspire further improvement. We delivered two presentation sessions, outlining improvement flows for both the initial and repeat customer journey.

"Two years ago, the Journey Benchmark gave us good insights, it helped to double our sales and made us decide to again perform the Journey Benchmark. It’s difficult to experience our journey from the eyes of our customer, Customer Journey Experts helps us to find the areas we can improve our customer’s experience"
- Gerard Scheffel, Head of E-business Würth Netherlands


Why it was a success

The journey benchmark showed that three years after delivering the improvement points of the first analysis, Würth’s has grown 4,6 times faster than its competitors. In addition, Würth has a clear view of its position compared to its competitors which serves as an excellent starting point to define their growth ambition in the upcoming years.

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