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How COVID-19 changes customer journey design!

The coronavirus and the fear of COVID-19 turned our world completely upside down and has a massive impact on retail. Footfall in cities dropped, we have to keep at least one and a half meters distance and more consumers shop online than ever before. But despite all speculation, nobody really knows how this situation will change customer behavior in the long run.


The reset

Currently, retailers and service providers are busy adapting and trying to survive, but at the same time, they have to think about new interpretations of their existing business model. Based on the new legal and social distancing rules, they have to find answers to fundamental questions. How will consumers behave and what are their expectations going to be? How does that affect their shopping behavior and what will their journey look like? In these uncertain times, fast and flexible adjustment to changing circumstances with a clear focus on customer needs and desires is extremely important.


Virtual journey design

Thanks to our clients, COVID-19 has been a catalyst for virtual journey design. We had journey design sessions planned, but organizing brainstorm and work sessions with all stakeholders on one location was no longer an option.

That is why we have completely redeveloped our journey design methodology, and turned it into an interactive video conferencing process. We translated the traditional two-day long physical brainstorm process into 11 digital sessions. These sessions are interactive video conferences of one to two hours long, scheduled within a period of two to four weeks.

And with great success already! The structure of this program and the interactive elements we’ve added have been so effective that we will never do journey design the traditional way again.

Customer Journey Design.png

High involvement

The big advantage of this new approach is that the 2-hour sessions that can be attended remotely, fit much easier in the agendas of all key stakeholders. The new interactive video call set-up allows 20-30 participants to join from any location. Therefore specialists and other stakeholders can join the journey design process selectively, based on the topic of a session. This increases company-wide involvement and commitment tremendously.

We support the commitment process by providing a special digital channel, where we share the output directly after each session so that everyone involved can follow the progress that is being made.

With all stakeholders, we work towards a common goal: a well-designed customer journey or product experience that can be implemented tomorrow, but that is based on a 3-5 year vision.

The journey design process also includes an operational impact analysis, business case development based on the customer value potential, and internal and external briefings.


The next level

Based on the enthusiasm of our clients, we are now translating this interactive virtual journey design process into tools to make journey design more accountable, cost-efficient and faster. In the end, this will enable our clients to design journeys all by themselves, based on training by our experts.

Thanks to our customers, we used the past six weeks to develop a much smarter method of journey design that helps companies become extremely customer-focused. 

We love to explain in more detail how our virtual interactive journey design method can help you shape the future. We hereby invite all retailers and brands that want to use these times of corona not only to survive but also to innovate, to reach out and contact us.


Let’s create customer value!

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