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We are Customer Journey Experts

We believe that customer journeys are about people, not only about the money they spend. But also about their experience and satisfaction with the process. In the digital age the essence of retail is building valuable relations with individual customers.


We provide smart methods and tools to realize your ambition

Based on the ©bonsing|mann customer journey model we 

created a unique very detailed method to analyze and

benchmark the quality of your journey.

To help you define your strategic ambition and translate the analysis

insights into concrete actions we developed a set of very

practical hand on tools.

We can help you with journey improvements, journey design

business innovation and customer value management.

Reach out to us and we tell you all about our approach or click

below for more product specific information.

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We are there for you

We are methodical, analytical, fact-based and work with self-organizing teams

of smart well-trained journey analyst, experts and strategist.  

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Our customers

We are a young dynamic organization. We help B2C and B2B

companies with insights and tools to become truly customer-oriented.

Our international clients (retailers, brands, consultants, and private equity) 

will tell you that we are a Dutch and rather direct, but also that they are

very happy with our fundamental, committed, and methodical approach. 

We have clients in a wide range of product categories,

and are happy to share client cases that fit your needs.

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We love to share the details of our products, show you cases of the leading companies we work for and inspire you with our ideas. But above all, we believe in a highly individual approach, so please give us a call or drop us a mail and we will come over to have a cup of coffee.

Let's create customer value!

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