Our world has become digital and mobile and is evolving at an increasingly higher pace.

The new retail challenge is to offer people a relevant and competitive orientation and purchase experience in all channels.

But how do you stay up to par on all the hundreds of aspect that determine the success of your on-line and omni-channel customer journey?





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We use a 3 step approach with a range of customizable services.


Journey Analysis

Validate your improvement potential

We benchmark your performance on all 7 journey steps against our international best practices on over 600 journey check-points. We score your overall performance and identify your strong and weak spots. We link our analysis findings to a defection funnel we build with your data to account the improvement potential.

Competitiveness Analysis

Assess your competitive power

We take a deep dive in your product category and select the most relevant direct competitors and international best-in-class players. We analyze their journey performance and benchmark their quality with yours. Based on this equation we identify your competitive challenges & opportunities.

Strategic Analysis

Identify challenges & opportunities

We use our worldwide research to identify the trends and developments that will affect your product category and look at game changing initiatives. We analyze their impact on your customer journey and business model.
We translate the findings into an inspiration and opportunity outlook.


Improvement Roadmap

Turn insights into actions

We translate the Customer Journey Analysis findings of your company into an overview of improvement points per journey step and we link tangible improvement suggestions to them. With your team and existing partners we determine their operational and strategical impact, prioritize them and define the next steps.

Functionality Enhancement

Use best practices to improve

We use our database with best practices and additional in-depth research to help you develop state of the art solutions for specific journey functionalities. We use a holistic approach and look at functionality improvements as part of the entire journey and link KPI’s to the improvements on functionality and conversion funnel level.

Journey Design Canvas

Design advanced journeys

We use our Customer Grid to create multi-dimensional, customer behavior based, segments that can become granular up to the segment of one. We use our journey canvas to help you develop and detail segment specific journeys and functionalities. These functionalities become tools that allow you to design increasingly more personalized customer journeys.


Customer Journey Dashboard

Measure & manage progress

We translate your journey defection funnel into a real time conversion management dashboard. An easy to use tool for ongoing progress monitoring with drill down options on initial and returning customer level. We link your performance cilinders and the underlying 64 aspects to this view to enable integrated conversion and competitiveness benchmarking.

Customer Value Monitor

Monitor individual customer value

Customer specific journey design requires new tools to measure and manage your performance. Our Customer Value Dashboard is an innovative management and steering tool that offers instant insight in the financial and engagement value of customer segments and enables smart drill down up to the level of N=1.

Category Research Insights

Learn from the best

We permanently monitor the omni-channel developments in 8 product categories worldwide and take a yearly deep dive in most of them. We review and benchmark up to 1.000 players per category to identify the 100 category leaders and most interesting game changers. Based on in depth purchase based analysis we create a category report filled with insights, that includes the performance cylinders and strong and weak points of the best in class players.

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Why us

Omni channel background

We have an international track record based on our background in physical retail, marketing, database intelligence and e-commerce. Our founder Arjen Bonsing is a renowned omni-channel expert and chairman of the Dutch and European omni-channel awards. The customer journey model he developed is widely used. He is a long standing jury member and chairman of the European and Dutch omni-channel awards.

Customer journey method

We use a very structured analytical approach. We translated the ©bonsing|mann customer journey model that looks at the omni- channel retail process from a customer perspective into a method to asses all aspects of the the retail purchase process. We linked over 500 checkpoints to the 7 steps and 46 dimensions of the model.

Retail evolution research

To validate and update our 500 checkpoints we created a meta research structure to monitor the world wide omni-channel developments on a structural basis. We continuously refresh the best in class examples linked to our checkpoints. Next to that we permanently analyze the developments in 8 product categories. We share are research insights with our clients.

International purchase expertise

We don’t believe the publications. In our constant quest for best practice we validate hundreds of functionalities and websites. During our research and in client projects we perform hundreds of initial omni-channel and repeat purchases including pick-ups and partial returns, Yearly, world wide. All well documented and analyzed.

Hands on and easy

We are omni-channel specialists with a very practical approach. We understand that your time and resources are limited. Our analysis only requires a little of your time. Strategic improvements are developed together with you and your existing partners. Our objective is to help accelerate your performance by strengthening your capabilities, not to sell consultancy hours.


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